Team Climbing

Team Climbing

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DTR12 Update

The official results of the DTR12 AD Master's class have been published by Ryan Conrad, AD Masters Program Manager at

A hearty congratulations goes out to my two fellow classmates Simon and Chris who excelled and achieved the coveted Microsoft Certified Master's designation. To put in perspective their ahievement, they passsed the two very difficult written exams and they survived the grueling nine hour certification lab during the two week class period - the only two students out of fourteen total attending to do this. With just a 15% initial certification rate, Simon and Chris can feel very proud of what they have accomplished.

Although I was happy to pass the two written exams the first time and have that behind me, I was bummed that I did not pass the certification lab and have to wait three months before I can attempt it again. I have already started preparing and have been busy practicing every day in my virtual environment and increasing my consulting engagements to be in the best technical shape possible before July roles around.

To my fellow classmates who are also still in pursuit of the Master's designation, I wish you much luck on exam and lab retakes. Don't give up! Let's meet Simon and Chris at the top of the mountain.

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